What is NomadTV?

NomadTV is an exciting and unique movie streaming platform featuring independent films and series from your favorite studios. Our platform is purposed around offering convenient access to cinematic Films on your media streaming device. You can now watch innovative content either on the go or if you’re lounging at home. Boasting an extensive catalog of Box Office and Independent hits, NomadTV has so much to offer for your entertainment.

What is included in my subscription?

Depending on your subscription plan, you will have access to unlimited content such as box office movies, TV series, short films, classics and so much more. Premiere releases may require additional purchase.

What can I watch?

You can choose from NomadTVs growing catalog of TV series, short films, features, classics, and box office hits. All our content is easily accessible any day, time or place.

Can I play movies on my TV?

Alternatively, you can also use Airplay to watch movies on your TV by playing from your Mac, iPad or iPhone. Roku app available, IOS app available.

Can I stream and Download?

Downloads are made available for subscribers to watch movies on the go or offline.

How do I Cancel?

You may cancel your subscription at any time, with no stress, no hassle. It's that simple. Follow the prompts to cancel on your dashboard, Billing Page, and your subscription will not renew.

Your Billing Page can be found in My Account, you can Click here or Sign In. Please note that there are no refunds for partially unused subscription periods.

Contact us for any other questions or concerns

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