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Steven Michael Studios LLC presents NomadTV film festival, our goal is to find the best independent films and give them a home on the  NomadTV app, made for independent content. We will feature the captivating stories from these filmmakers sharing their amazing stories with industry professionals, festival curators, and dedicated film fans. If you would like to submit your film please submit it below.

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NomadTV Online Film Festival

NomadTV Film Festival is an online Film Festival. The contest opens up on January 15, 2022, and will run until March 15, 2022. Winners will be selected on April 30th and premiered on the streaming service throughout the summer of 2022. We encourage films of all genres to apply.

If selected have your film distributed anywhere with the NomadTV app!

Even earn money when you exclusively stream with NomadTV. To learn more get in touch with sales.


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Frequently Asked Questions

01 What type of films do you feature?

NomadTv will always embrace new styles of films, we feature a broad spectrum of films across all genres, forms, and lengths. From documentaries, animation, horror, action, romance, and more! All are welcome to NomadTV. 

02 How long until I hear back from you?

Once submitted, the NomadTV curation team will respond to your submission within 14 days.

03 What if my film is already online?

Not a problem. NomadTV doesn’t require exclusivity or premiere status to feature your film, although we do give priority to our premiere releases. Only films that are exclusive to NomadTV can earn income.

04 Can I submit my unreleased film?

Of course, be sure to include the password (if it requires one) in the submission form so we can watch it.

05 My film is still on its festival run and not ready for an online release yet, do I have to wait until it is to submit?

Not at all, we can still run features for films on the festival circuit and are not yet available online.

06 Will NomadTV feature earn me money?

Yes, if the film is exclusively on Nomadtv your film can earn money through the renting featuring once released. For more information please contact sales at

07 Can I get a refund?

The submission fee covers the process of the NomadTV curation team assessing your film and is therefore non-refundable.

08 A NomadTV writer selected my film for another festival/platform, will it automatically be selected for NomadTV?

As film festivals/platforms adhere to their own curation requirements, a selection elsewhere by a member of the NomadTv team in no way guarantees your film will be featured on NomadTV. It does however mean that your film already has a champion on the curation team.

09 Will you definitely feature my film?

Of thousands of films submitted to NomadTV, only a small percentage make it to our site/app. We’re very selective about the work we choose to feature - it’s what makes NomadTV what it is - and so submission in no way guarantees access to the app.

10 If selected, when will my film be featured?

Once selected, we will work with you to find the best date to feature your film on NomadTV. We have a very busy editorial calendar here at NomadTV so if you have a particular date in mind the more notice you can provide, the higher the likelihood of that publication date being available.

11 What copyright clearances do you require?

By submitting your film to NomadTv you attest that the work in question is not in breach of any copyright and that all required intellectual property rights have been adhered to.

12 How will NomadTV promote my work?

As well as being featured on NomadTV, we will promote it in our weekly newsletter and share it across our social media platforms. We also suggest that you do the same across your platforms and get cast, crew, friends, and family to pitch in spreading the word also.

13 Can I get feedback?

Yes, we do offer feedback if asked.

14 Do you grant fee waivers?

No, we do not offer submission fee waivers.